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How secure is SOMS?

There are three major aspects to the security of any system:

  1. The security of the hardware
  2. The security of the data
  3. The security of access to the system
The question that you should ask yourself is: Will "SOMS" be a more secure system than my present system or not?

Most business management systems in today's world consists of software which is downloaded on in-house hardware. This means that the security aspect of the system is left up to the business to manage. This in our view represents a huge risk. Most businesses do not have the kind of environment or staff that is required to safeguard their in-house system efficiently.

The security of the hardware

Remember that "SOMS" is not software which is downloaded onto your PC, laptop tablet or smartphone. It is software that is accessed via the internet. You therefore do not have to be concerned about losing your data in the event of your own hardware been lost, stolen or damaged. You simply buy or borrow a new machine, log in and continue with your work.

Your "SOMS" system resides on our servers which are located in London in an extremely secure environment. These servers are monitored around the clock 24/7 by highly qualified personnel.

The security of the data

With "SOMS" you do not have to worry about doing regular backups of your data. This is done systematically for you every day of the year.

Security of access to the system

Access to your "SOMS" system is as secure as access to internet banking.

A designated PRIMARY STAFF MEMBER of your company decides who has access to the system. This is the only person who is able to login to your "SOMS" system and authorise another staff member's login access.

Most staff members, depending on their position in the company, will not have access to the whole system. They will have restricted access to areas of the system which allows them to do their work.

To login to the system, a staff member will need to enter his own unique password and email address. From then on, his name will appear on every document that he has created or edited.

"SOMS" provides you a facility that allows you to see who is logged in to your system. You also have the facility to terminate the login session of any user.

A login session is automatically terminated by "SOMS" if it is inactive for more than 20 minutes.