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Managing Cost Prices

"SOMS" has a fully automated product costing system for stock that you buy for resale or that you use in a manufacturing process.

The automated costing process in "SOMS" begins at the point of requesting a price from a supplier and it is completed at the point of adding received products to stock. The system captures information throughout the process and uses it to cost the products.

Whether you buy products locally in your own currency or import the products from a foreign supplier using another currency, "SOMS" works out the cost of each product automatically. You will never have to use a calculator to work out your cost prices.

"SOMS" uses information which is pre-loaded in your system to work out the cost of each product that you receive from a supplier. The product price is then averaged out with stock which is already on the shelf and updated accordingly. 

"SOMS" takes into account the exchange rate, duties, freight and other charges when it costs imported products.

It takes mere seconds for "SOMS" to calculate the individual cost prices of products that appear on a supplier's invoice, no matter how many items are listed on the invoice.

Product assemblies, repairs, cutting of products, etc. are all costed automatically by "SOMS".

If you were to cut a wooden plank in three pieces for example, "SOMS" would calculate the cost of each piece, even if the pieces were not equal in size.